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Introducing The Highly-Exclusive
FruitMachineX™ 4000 Games
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Manipulators System DVD

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Over 4000 latest pub, club fruit machines and casino slot machines games that emulates actual fruit machines to play right on your computer.


This is the largest online fruit machine games collection that is available anywhere on the internet.You will NOT find this elsewhere

Play for fun or as a practice before pitting your skills in pubs, in clubs, in casinos for real money!

The slot machines are CODED EXACTLY like the real machines. Even the payouts are 100% identical. The only difference is that you don't have to pay a single cent!

Learn the secrets of machine specific cheats and then apply it on the real thing. Each machine has different techniques and tactics to maximize your earnings. You'll discover how to win at slot machines effortlessly.

You'll also receive the "Beat The Machine" secret manipulators which expose the hidden loophole buried inside fruit machines. Learn how to cheat fruit machines legally!

Discover how to legally empty fruit machines without using a key (special button sequence) You don't need any slot machine hacking devices.

I'll reveal all the payback percentages, proven machine timings to win the jackpot, which machines you should be playing and which ones to avoid!

$570 Bonus: You'll also get $570 worth of FREE chips to play real fruit machines when you purchase FruitMachineX™ by in 2 days.

Play Real Fruit Machines Right
InThe Comfort Of Your Home With
The World's Largest Collection Of
Bingo & Casino Machine Emulators


free fruit machines onlineHere's the scenario: Most fruit machine emulators or fruit emu software are complete garbage. They skip over many important details, or are simply too medicore to play with.


The truth is, I have spent a ton of time looking online and purchasing games. Most of them just left me with more frustration than answers. This FruitMachineX™ package blows them away.


... Play For Fun Or Use These
Real Machines As Trainers!


Imagine playing over 4000 different fruit machines right on your computer. I've specially re-coded them to look, feel, and play exactly like the actual machine.


This is NOT some cheesy emulator or software download. This is by far, the largest and best collection you'll ever find.


Think about it: You can now play the latest bingo, casino and club fruit machines without even leaving your house! That means you can play for fun or practice before playing them in pubs in clubs for real money!


" Prepare To Be Blown Away
By The Sheer Audacity ...

Fruit Machine X Games Online Testimonial 1OMG Allen, are you kidding me?  I've looked through just part of this enormous package that you have put together and have to say that this is the most kick-butt package that I've ever seen offered.


The profitX system is simply audacious and it is the most revealing document I've read about the inner workings of slot machine games. (believe me, I've been a player for more than 10 years).


Thanks again for your wonderful work and most of all for sharing your work in such a generous way.

- Jerrell Thompson, Doncaster, UK
won $7200.00 playing $5 triple double dollars




Here Are Some Actual Screenshots Of The Machines :


club fruit machine screenshots

Remember: The game machines are CODED EXACTLY like the actual slot machine in your pub or casino.

As far as the program code is concerned, it doesn't know it's running on a PC. It thinks it's running on a real physical fruit machine and acts exactly the same way in ALL circumstances.


actual screenshots...
Casino Fruit Machines 1
Casino Fruit Machines 2
Casino Fruit Machines 3

( some machines require a screen resolution of 1280 x1048 )

actual screenshots...
Club Fruit Machines Pub Slot Games 1
Club Fruit Machines Pub Slot Games 2
Club Fruit Machines Pub Slot Games 3


Want To Find Out More?

Then lay your hands on the FruitMachineX package with over 4000 real fruit machine emulators


free online fruit machines slot machine games

FruitMachineX - Imagine If You Could Get Your Hands On 4000 Slot Machines Coded EXACTLY Like The Real Casino Machines. Better Yet, You'll Also Discover Why My ProfitX System Will Allow YOU To Start Banking HUGE JACKPOTS Over and Over Again!

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