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Here are some of the cheats and codes to make absolute
certain you'll start DOMINATING fruit and slot machines...

Bonus #1 - Nearly 19 deadly techniques of hard hitting money-making strategies with "ProfitX System" as well as "Beat The Machine" Secret Manipulators ($137 Value)


This 2 level system comes complete with all the ProfitX strategies mentioned above as well as "Beat The Machine" system codes, showing you how to LEGALLY EMPTY fruit machines within minutes!


Ever wondered if and how there was a way of getting money for free LEGALLY?


You will learn exactly how to empty every single coin and token legally from almost any fruit machine (this is the one cheat arcade and casino owners the world over wish had never wish become public!)


The result is 19 secret cheat techniques of the BEST money-making slot machine tips, tricks, cheats, and strategies you can implement to win at slot machines , and start making money immediately.


You'll discover the techniques required to manipulate even the most stubborn digital fruit machine to your advantage, including one rule which will see you with more cash in your pocket than the hundreds of other losers who have wasted their hard earned money!


"Beat The Machine" as well as "ProfitX System" will reveal to you:



how to win at slot machines cheat

Beat The Machine - The secret method of manipulators to empty machines legally!

strategies for wining at slot machines

ProfitX System - Make a fortune playing fruit machines with my proprietary system!

The emptying sequence the owners use to empty machines of their contents without a key.
The button codes on the machines need to pressed in a special sequence that can never be guessed
Why arcade rooms full of fruit machines are exactly the type of place you should not be trying to win money at!
How to identify and establish the precise time to play a cash laden fruit machine which is literally begging to burst out of the seams!
Which machines to play & which to avoid! (those with the lowest chance of payouts)
One golden rule you must adhere to at all times. Ignore this and you may as well cut out the middle man and pour your money straight down the drain!
An "insider" secret that reveals how to "test" whether a fruit machine is ready to pay out without risking a single penny of your own money!
How to "confuse" the intelligent on-board computer of almost any fruit machine you play, forcing it to pay out again and again!
One simple physical act you MUST do if you have just won on a fruit machine - this is perhaps the most important secret you will ever learn
Loads and loads of machine specific cheats and hacks

Get the unfair advantage over 99% of the players!


So if you like the sound of this, listen up: It is sheer lunacy to offer these for free as I've been told because these slot machine winning secrets is worth much more than the entire DVD!


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Bonus #2 - Roulette Secrets Revealed - The Statistical Method ($95 Value)


This is the official WINNING ROULETTE method and your key to exposing the hidden loophole buried inside the roulette table.


As you already know, the odds of a Roulette table are based on the "Law of Averages" minus 1 or 2 points. This way, the casino can only gain money from you playing the table. Until Now!


Listen closely ... If you use the strategies in this module, you can turn the "Law of Averages" to your advantage. Get the house odds under control!


Here's what I am talking about:

Uncover the secrets and information about Roulette
Learn WHY Roulette is a beatable game!
Find out a dark secret relating to the origin of Roulette
How to use being "in prison" to your advantage
Why it is important to play on a European table
Learn what "surrender" means to your chances of winning
Master the main systems: Martingale, Cancellation and Pyramid System
And many more secret tips!

How To Win At Roulette

Detailed stragies, in depth, money making techniques you never know about rouletter!

Bonus #3 - Over $500 Worth of Free Chips ($500 Value)


How do you fancy $500 worth of credit completely FREE? Pit your skills at the real money machines after practicing on your PC. We've given you $500 worth of real casino chips to get started!

Better yet, this is a direct online download to claim your $500 free play on slots/fruit machine games for 1 hour!


There are no gimmicks and no tricks involved. Just start playing for free and anything you win above the $500 is yours to keep!


The online casinos will be revealed to you after you've made your purchase. You'll get an excellent selection of fruit machines and slots with jackpots ranging from a few hundred quid up to a few million.

Free Casino Plays and Chips

FREE $500 worth of real chips!

Total Bonus Value: $732.00!



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